Sunday, December 6, 2009

RL: December! A month of stuff.

December! It is here, it is cold (relatively speaking) and pretty much the second half of the month is going to be spent traveling and with friends & family. Hooray!

RP seems to have hit a tiny bit of a lull, but not to worry. I'm going to get off my ass (figuratively speaking) and write some today. If that fails, well, there's still lots more to archive.

WoW is scraping the barrel to keep my interest right now. I'm tired of the content that's available and have very little interest in some of the things that usually keep me entertained between major patches and expansion, such as alt-leveling and gold-making. All that I really want right now are the stories, the meaty little interactions between characters and the moving forward of their supposedly exciting lives. In a world where everything's always hovering on the edge of catastrophe, you'd think things would be a little crazier.

Then again, one of the surest ways to prevent falling apart during times of extreme duress is to maintain your daily routine.

Some storylines that I'll be working on soon:

Ambika. Bika's still trapped in a elf's body and is none too happy about it. I need to write up Yayo'jin's meeting with her to begin moving forward.

Ysani. Yissy is playing tug of war with her conscience right now. Spending countless hours on a joint engineering project with Fenniel and Firael has her wondering if she's missing something in her relationship with Keilos. She's young and still learning what compatibility means. Is there ever a truly right answer?

Libby. Our favorite obsessive-compulsive druid is still happily distracted from impotency woes by her pet geek. Having Fenniel around gives her life focus. Learning to live with both companionship and intimacy is an enjoyable challenge, but she's not sure where to go from here.

Skulley. Laying low for the most part, Miss Adelaide (and no, you may not call her that) may be in for a shock if anything comes of her little foray into the Stormwind prison system. She is a dot on SI:7's radar, and what happens next will depend on whether they dismiss her or not.

Astrani. You haven't seen her in this blog, which is understandable considering she's all but retired. However, there's a story for her in the works and it promises to be a very interesting one. Sorry I'm being vague, but it's going to be awesome and you'll want to be surprised. Everyone loves sekrits, right?

I have two cups of coffee in me now, and I've caught up on my reading. Looks like it's time to get to work.

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