Sunday, April 11, 2010

[rl] A Wrong Number

It's been both a long and short Spring Break out here on Master's week (god, I hate golf so much), and it's winding down to a close. We stayed up a little later, woke up a little later, and the days were hot and full of shenanigans and even some spring cleaning (that was out of left field, let me tell you).

The reason I write this is because a weird thing happened to me the day after a couple delicious full-strength gin & tonics made me so loud I was repeatedly removed from populated vent channels. At some point during or after such hijinks I put my cell phone down and couldn't remember where. Being a lazy asshole, I couldn't be bothered to go look for it.

Picking up my house phone, I dialed what I thought was probably my number. (In addition to being a lazy asshole, I am also terrible at remembering stuff.) I wasn't sure, but whatever.

Instead of the loud ringing I expected, a young woman answered.

"Oh, sorry, I dialed the wrong number."

"Wait, I just picked this phone up off the ground, did you lose it?"

What?! [In my head, Ethan is already getting a huge lecture for taking my phone outside again.] "Um. Well, I did misplace it, I was just expecting to hear it ring in my house."

"Oh! Well, are you still at the Tulip Festival? I can bring it over to you?"

Tulip Fffffffffffffffff- "Uh... I'm in Augusta, Georgia. Where's the Tulip Festival?"

"The Tulip Festival? It's in Woodburn, Oregon! How did your phone get out here?"

Oh, for the love of-- "It didn't! I just uh, happened to call the wrong number of someone else who just lost their phone."



So, after mutual declarations of weirdness, she took the phone to the lost & found, I got the correct number, and my phone was found. (It was on the console table in plain sight, of course.)

I've been told since that I should buy a lottery ticket. Once again, however, I'm still a lazy asshole, so unless I can buy one by calling a number, the alignment of stars and/or splotches of bird poop on my car will continue to mean nothing.

Happy spring break, everybody!

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