Sunday, October 24, 2010

[RP] Dreams in Salt, Part 4

I have a couple more segments of the Zana'zua/Ambika story to post. Here's the first!

There are more stories circulating at the moment which will probably make their appearance semi-daily for a while, until NaNo kicks in. After that, I don't expect I'll be working on many other writing projects until December.

Authors: Me & Hammy

He showed up five minutes early for his lesson and opted to wait on one of the low, satin-covered stools in the hallway until the top of the hour. Ambika seemed to dislike excessive punctuality almost as much as she hated tardiness. He could guess why; being early meant having to make conversation.

When the soft chime of Dalaran’s central clock struck the hour, though, he was already on his feet and tapping at her door. There was no immediate answer, but he was used to waiting.

Five minutes and six polite taps later, Zana’zua began to feel alarmed. He tried the knob. It turned easily in his hand. Alarm turned into something like dread and he pushed his way into the apartment.

The priestess was curled up in a ball on the couch. As he approached he was relieved to find that she was only sleeping, her hair loose and bushed out carelessly in whatever shape the cushions deigned to impose.

A familiar smell permeated the entire apartment. He quickly found the source in a pair of large buckets beside the tiny kitchen’s sink: each bucket as well as the sink was heaped with clams, some open, some closed and dead. A crate filled with empty shells leaked salty water onto the tiled floor and he discovered the meat of the shucked clams in a half-full wastebin nearby.

Two bowls instead of just one now adorned the austere table surface, he saw. One contained water and the strand of kelp he recognized from the previous week; the other was much smaller and half-full of lustrous pearls of various sizes. Pulling out one of the narrow chairs, he sat down and waited for the sleeping troll to wake up.

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