Saturday, October 23, 2010

[RP] Is it Hot in Here or is it Just You [barely PG]

Here's another collaboration with Hammy, the creator of Fenniel/Zana'zua/Hammaryn. We really like to write silly stories together (Captain Obvious here, I know) and for some reason I forgot to post this back when we wrote it for a challenge this summer.

Don't forget, there's only about a week left to write your flash fic for the party!

Authors: Me & Hammy

Ysani skipped through the troll ruins of Tanaris. Pausing for a moment, she looked back over her shoulder. "Fenn? Are you coming?"

Fenniel was sure he was miles behind Ysani, or perhaps it was just the waves of heat rising up through the sand. His long brown hair was plastered to his neck and he dripped sweat as he trudged along, desperately trying to keep up with the sprightly blood knight. As if to add insult to injury, he'd even been forced to wear shoes, lest he burn his feet walking.

Ysani didn't seem to be suffering in the slightest. With her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she jogged lightly over the sand from ruin to ruin, digging along the stones for shards of pottery. Sure, she was sweating, but on her it was more of a... a glow, almost. Her light linen shirt was almost completely dry, a bit of moisture just beginning to peek through along her spine, and overall she looked way more chipper than she had any right to be in the wilting heat.

His shirt was stuck to him; the linen clung to his torso from the sweat dripping down his back. Fenn looked down, grabbing the bottom of his shirt to untuck it. The sweat-cling seemed to be nicely outlining his flabby tummy. He groaned. "Just a second," he called back.

"Fenn! I think I found something!" Her voice carried over what seemed like endless desert, dunes rearing up in all directions and punctuated in the valleys by heaps of crumbling troll architecture. The air shimmered with heat and made the distance between them seem even longer. At least the wind had died down. Ysani had begged him to wait just a little longer, hoping that it wouldn't become a storm and ruin their excavation trip. Luckily for her, it was just a passing breeze.

Fenniel forced himself to pick up his pace towards the ruins, digging his feet into the sand. "I'm..." he wheezed in a giant breath, "almost there."

Ysani beckoned him over as he closed in, slowly, on her position. She stood up and wiped her forehead with a bare forearm, gingerly holding a curved hunk of pottery in her gloved hands. Her shirt was tailored to hug her curves and her assets were all too apparent as she turned toward him with a grin and called out, "Found some!"

Fenniel took his glasses off, wiping his forehead from the sweat that was dripping into his eyes. "That piece could work." He shoved his glasses back onto his nose, and his eyes went from relaxed to dinner plate size as the pottery and her... assets... came into focus. "Ysani." He clamped a hand over his face. "You...your..."

"You have to see this! I've never seen anything like it." Ysani moved in close to her friend, examining the heavy ceramic chunk as she turned it over in her hands. "There aren't even any hairline fractures, it just cracked in one piece where a stone fell on it. It's pretty incredible, and dense too." She seemed utterly oblivious to Fenniel's discomfort.

" just...your shirt..." he turned a vivid shade of red.

"It even feels cool to the touch after having been just two inches under the sand, and it is HOT down there!" She grabbed his wrist and put his hand on the smooth pottery. It was downright cold. "This is so amazing! I wonder how they managed it in such a primitive culture? We need to find more of this, there's just so much we can do with material like this. Imagine what kind of insulation you could make, you could keep engines from overheating 'till doomsday--"

Fenniel teetered a bit and lowered his hand from his eyes. "Ysani, I kinda um...I kinda..." He fell over unconscious, plumes of sand flying up as he hit the ground with a solid THUD.

"Oh, Light..." Ysani dropped the relic. The impact sent more sand flying over Fenniel's prone, sweaty body, but the piece stayed miraculously intact. "Fenn, you're supposed to stay hydrated! Oh dear, oh dear..." She unhitched her belt and slid a full canteen off of it, kneeling over the victim as she poured some of the shockingly cold water over his forehead and neck. Luckily, she was somewhat trained to deal with heatstroke, and once she'd given him a bit of water she hooked her arms under his armpits (LIGHT is he sweaty!) and began to drag him toward the meager shade of a partially exhumed stone wall.

Fenniel's eyes fluttered open as Ysani drug him through the sand. "S'okay..." he mumbled semi-coherently. "I always wanted a waterbed." He smiled contentedly up at her.

Ysani grunted as she dragged him along. He was heavier than he looked, and she was really starting to sweat. By the time she finished propping him up in the shade, her clothes were completely soaked through. "Are you okay, Fenn?"

Fenniel pushed himself up to sitting with his arms, nearly falling over again. He blinked at Ysani, rubbed at his eyes, and blushed again. "There's um..." He took a deep breath. "I think I'm fine. It's just uh kinda hot and your um...there's something with your..."

Ysani looked down. Her shirt was clinging scandalously to her entire torso, almost sheer in places with moisture. She turned bright red and stood up quickly, crossing her arms over her chest to hide her fairly apparent nipples. "...Oh."

Fenniel averted his eyes to the sand. "Yeah."

"Well... well HEY! How about this ceramic?" Ysani turned her back to Fenniel and dug around in her knapsack for the spare shirt she'd brought along with her. It was one of Kei's button-down shirts, plain but light and comfortable. She wriggled into it and tied it at the waist, making sure it covered her... er... chest... area.

"Can I look yet," he mumbled.

"Y-yeah," she said, clearing her throat and ducking behind the wall for a moment to fetch the pottery scrap. When she returned, she sat next to him with her back to the wall, leaving a good buffer of empty space between them.

He glanced over, making sure it was safe, then smiled sheepishly. "Sorry I fell over. The ceramic is neat; we should probably bring it back to Dalaran to study."

"We'll dig a little bit before we go and see if we can't get a few more samples." Ysani paused, then looked over at Fenn. "And... let's never speak of this again. Okay?"

He nodded. "I...uhh...think that's for the best." He grabbed the collar of his shirt and shook it. "Let's get this over with fast, it's way too hot out here."

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