Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flash Fic Party, Day 11: Oh, Dir

Today's guest writer is Dissonant, writing a short 'n sweet story for Dir. That boy has a lot of unresolved issues to be messing with someone as capricious as Ysani. I feel bad for him.

There are only a few guest posts left. I hope you’re enjoying them; it’s been fun for me to see everyone flex their writing muscles. Be sure to let the guest writers know what you think in the comments!

I’m keeping this intro short, to save my brains. Why? They’re f-r-i-e-d, FRIED. But the good news is, my NaNo novel’s now well over 13,000 words long. That’s about 50 standard book pages! Now... I just have to do that ~4 more times. Huuuuurk.

Author: Dissonant/Dir
Word count: 212

He had nothing to offer her but a sordid past and ugly truths. Still, he whispered it in her ear.


She turned her lips to his and he could taste the sweetness of the candy she’d eaten just a short time before. The golden light of afternoon shone like fire in her hair.

He knew why she was here, why she kept coming back. He was the forbidden and the dark, wrapped in a glamorous package. He was blissful retreat and erotic delight. She could stretch out and be her in some endless now, unburdened with future expectation. Hard lesson had taught him that only a fool could ever expect more. It didn’t stop him.

When their sweat mingled and their eyes glazed, when she would agree to anything he said as long as he spun out this wild pleasure just a moment more, he could not help but ask again.


His answer came in the silent, empty dusk. She had dressed in a hurry, a regretful kiss lingering on their lips. She had returned to the man who had her heart and the life she had built, leaving only candy wrappers on the nightstand and her scent on the sheets to show she had ever been in his room.

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  1. Poor, poor Dir... Oh wait, this is Dir we're talking about! Nevermind! :P