Monday, August 24, 2009

Retro RP: Ysani and the Orphan

Children's Week is celebrated in WoW with an orphan-sponsoring event. You pick up a small orc or elf child from the orphanage for the week and run around the world doing different things they want to do. Ysani's orc really wanted to eat ice cream.


The small orc stared at her from across the glass-topped table where they sat, kicking his short legs absently in the air. They made an odd couple in the Legerdemain's dining area. It seemed that ice cream had emboldened the little fellow, and he finally spoke the first full sentence she'd heard him utter since she'd had him thrust upon her in Orgrimmar, smears of strawberry courage painting much of his mouth and jaw. "What happened to your face?" Ysani blinked. Usually people were too polite to ask. Poor little guy hasn't got parents OR manners...

She coughed. "A bird tried to eat it."

"Neat." She grimaced as the tyke (how old IS he anyway? I hope he doesn't need diapers. Please, Light help me if he wets the bed) lowered his head to the dish of melted pink soup at his elbow and tipped it up to his mouth, slurping it loudly down. It was her turn to stare, and she tossed her hair forward a bit to hide more of her face from the matter-of-fact little beast.

"So... is it your bedtime now?"

The boy shook his head. "Matron lets me stay up late late, long as I want."

Oh c'mon, he's being sly. Don't fall for that. "You need your sleep, you're a growing young soldier of the Horde." Now she had his attention.

"I can't wait to get big and strong! I want my very own axe and a wolf to ride and I wanna chop off a.. a... a MILLION elf heads!" Is he frothing at the mouth....? Oh, it's just ice cream... ugh...

"Well, if you don't sleep plenty growing up, you won't get the big strong muscles you need to swing a big axe like this." She lifted the huge battleaxe off her back and held it beside her, the solid ironwood handle slipping through her loose fist until the lightly-weighted end banged against the floor, the faintly glowing, razor-sharp blade showcased proudly next to her face. The look of awe on his green-pink countenance was almost overwhelmingly funny, and she grinned, pushing back a laugh as he gawked at her weapon.

"So, think you can be a sport and get to bed now? I'll even let you sleep on the floor. It'll be like camping, but with nicer blankets."

"Well.... okay. But tomorrow, can you show me where I can find elfs to kill? I wanna know where I can start choppin'!"

"I dunno... what's the magic word?"

A brief pause, his face contorted with a mighty effort. "...Please, ma'am."

I suppose that'll do. Even an orc can learn please, thank you and how d'ye do.



"I gotta piss."

... this is going to be a very long week.

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