Wednesday, August 26, 2009

RP just 'cause: Libby <3 Fenn

Libby is my tauren druid. She met Fenniel the other night in Dalaran and asked him to have a drink with her. He said yes! Wow. So they talked and Libby just loved how cute and clueless he was. Problem was, she ended up pretty lost herself. This is a story of what happens when nerds collide.


Fenniel was adorable. Tall, thin, gangly almost. He was possibly the cutest geek she'd ever seen, with his long, silky brown hair tied back and softly whirring goggles fastened around the back of his head. He smiled cautiously at her as she opened the door to her room on the top floor of the Legerdemain. "Everybody in," she said.

Cuddles managed to fit through the door, ducking her head a little. The main room was large and mostly empty, with huge vaulted ceilings. The devilsaur picked a spot on the fur rug by the fire and rumbled contentedly. Libby watched Fenn walk hesitantly into the middle of the room. "It really is big."

Tugging on one of the long braids that hung over her shoulder, Libby was glad her dark skin and inky black fur prevented people from noticing her blush. She was really great at flirting! It was undeniable. She had lots of practice. The problem was, she'd never gotten past the flirting part. She would say "care to come up to my place?" and they would smile or frown and say "uh no thanks" or "oh dear me no" or "I'd love to but I'm afraid my hatchling is on fire". Fenniel didn't say any of those things. Fenn said "Okay." And now she didn't know what to do. Oh, but wasn't he pretty.

"Um. The bedroom's over there. It's just got the one bed, but it's big."

"Oh, uh, okay. Um, I can sleep on the floor?" He tilted his head a little, his pinchable cheeks pink as roses.

"Oh no no, that's okay. I um..." Her poor braid was starting to unravel, but she couldn't stop pulling on it. It was hard to tell if he was looking right at her or not. She looked down at her hooves. "You go ahead and get settled, I'm going to tidy up a little before I sleep."

"Um, sure." He smiled shyly at her, and her knees wobbled a little. Then he was in the room, door shut behind him, and she guessed he was taking off his goggles, slipping out of his boots, setting all his armor on the floor. She dropped an empty vial on the floor at the thought, and it shattered.

"Is everything okay..?" The bedroom door opened a crack.

"Yes! Fine! Just dropped something, nothing big," she said, frantically sweeping up the shards of glass and tossing them in a wastebin. She'd feel awful if Cuddles got one stuck in her huge foot. She puttered aimlessly with her dried herbs, organizing them by color, then alphabetically by name, listening to the sounds of her elven guest getting ready for bed. At last the sounds stopped and she realized she was holding her breath. She exhaled, a warm, shaky whoosh, and crept to the bedroom. "Everything okay?" she whispered.

"Yeah! I'm good. It's very comfortable, thank you." She pulled the door open a little more and peered in. It was pretty dark. The light from the window only lit up part of his arm. She gulped.

"That's good. Uh." WHAT NOW? EARTHMOTHER HELP ME! WHAT DO I DO?! I'd really, REALLY like some of my confidence back, please. Now would be good. There was no answer, and she nearly bolted for the door. Instead, she called on the spirits and pleaded with them to help, if the Earthmother wouldn't. The feline answered, and Libby shifted quickly, nuzzling the door the rest of the way open with her nose, padding lightly across the floor on her soft cat's paws. Nosing up over the edge of the bed, she looked at Fenn. She could see very well now. He was looking at her, squinting a little without the goggles on, a few marks still visible across the bridge of his nose and across his forehead from where they once sat. He smiled warmly. He didn't look nervous at all! She envied him.

"Did--did you want to sleep here?"

She leaped lightly into the bed next to him in answer, stretching and turning twice before curling up at his side. He patted her head, then scratched the back of her neck. Purring loudly, she covered her nose with her paws and closed her eyes.

"Goodnight, Libby."


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