Friday, September 4, 2009


So! First off, my husband finally caught me online and we had a chat. He says he's doing great, it's going well so far, his digs are small and he's sharing the room with 2 other guys but it must be quite a step above the cots of last year for him to use such an extravagant term as "nice". (That's Bill for you.) Now I have an address for him as well, so I can get started on care package goodies.

In other news, I'm taking Ethan up to Atlanta for another visit to see Val/Korro for the long weekend. Ethan's really excited about it, he loves to go up there. Maybe because we usually eat pizza and he gets to see Boulder, Val's gigantic Swiss mountain dog. He's such a sweetheart. We'll be visiting Stone Mountain on Sunday, which should be a good time... they have a lot of activities for kids so I'm hoping it'll be fun. And of course I'll be happy for a chance to talk to a grownup in person for a couple days (no offense kiddo).

Game news coming up soon. I've got an RP problem and I may have to think it out in blog form. Later!

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