Saturday, September 5, 2009

YARR! Here there be pirates

With the new faction changes available, I've moved Skulley over to the Alliance. Yarr! In less than 24 hours, she'd found some pretty bitchin' RP and joined a crew of pirates. It's right up her alley, and it's nice to be excited about her as a character again, since she was my first 60, and my first character to RP, anywhere. Good times.

She's human now, rather than undead. Having a lot of discussion about how exactly such a thing might happen ICly and be believeable; it helps a bit that she's got one or two missing screws, but one of the more plausible ideas so far is that she made a deal with a powerful being that was able to give her humanity back, or a near-flawless approximation thereof. (Another idea involved goblin jumper cables, a ton of primal life, Medivh's Dark Portal opening ceremony and an error of astronomical proportions.)

It's been easy enough to skirt the issue so far. Skullz doesn't want to talk about it, and she won't. Maybe it's cheap, but she sure doesn't want to be associated with her old self, and it's perfectly reasonable to keep mum and not incriminate herself.

There's a bug involved with faction transfers right now where you're still able to speak your old languages. You can't understand them, but you can communicate to your former faction. Used that a little last night while I was RPing at the Legerdemain with extremely entertaining results. I can definitely see why they don't allow open communications between the factions. There's way too much possibility for violence. I said maybe two sentences and had the entire bar looming behind my back. It was fun to call Hammy "sugartits", though. Totally worth it.

So now Skulley's got to learn to cook a little more than just deviate fish. Since, you know, she signed on as the ship's cook. Let's hope the captain doesn't read my blog!

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    The Horde as a whole is diminished by this loss. Somehow, though, I think we can find it in our collective selves to forgive you. Calling Hammy "sugartits" is a good first step on the road to redemption, IMO.

    Also, this comment box is WEIRD. No keyboard navigation, and it smooshes consecutive spaces down into one character while still taking multiple backspaces to get rid of them all.