Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dir Goes Commando; or What I Learned Last Month

So it's been a month since I started doodling. I'm still having fun with it, which is a good sign. I have good news and bad news, though. First off, I got some nasty malware (I blame Twitter, long story) and had to reformat my hard drive, killing all my arts. The good news? Almost all of it survived because I've been diligent about sticking them up on DeviantArt. I lost sketches, doodles, and re-colored completed sketches, but for the most part, at least one color version of everything survived the wipe.

So, now that I've had a good long week off, went to visit friends, reinstalled Windows, made pickles (for the first time ever!), a big pot of hot & sour soup, and coffee, it's time to get my ass back to the wheel (what?) and show you what I've been working on. Have some arts!

I've drawn Dir before, but it was a long time ago and I wanted something a bit nicer to go along with the story we wrote about Ysani and Dir. Dir prefers robes, because he can go commando. Duh!

Ysani decided after all that mess she needed a beach vacation, so I doodled a picture of her favorite bathing suit: green and pink. Not pictured? The big slice of watermelon on the butt. Story coming soon!

I play D&D on the weekends with some of my friends (official nerd card material right there, I feel validated now), and this is Mouse, one of the players. Mouse is a gnome shaman with a spider spirit companion, so she gets a nifty web tattoo. I like how she turned out, gnome-fro and all!

This dwarf fella here is Hardal, Ghaar's fighter in said D&D game. He actually gets a nose. I also think there may be a slight resemblance between this picture and his player IRL. Except for the beard, I mean (although I hear he gets quite the facial rug when his woman is out of town and he doesn't have to shave).

Fells is something of a legend, having taken a bazillion years to level her character (and she's still not capped). Her character is plain, prone to trouble and mischief, and doesn't seem to be all that fond of The Man. Personally, I would see that smile and run for cover.

Tried my hand at Hammaryn again, using a style more like Bika's beast-girl incarnation. I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I like how she turned out having a buff look to her, but I think she needs a narrower, rounder, more feminine jawline, and I just plain don't like how her eyes and mouth came out. I tried a ton of different ways but just left it at this for now.

Dravir is an engineer and I always assumed he lost his eye in some mechanical backfire (I could ask, but it's funnier to imagine he just had a mishap with an explosive sheep). He has some silvery facial tattoos, and they didn't really elaborate so I just made up my own design however I felt like doing it. The moral of the story is: be specific, or enjoy my own doodle-y interpretation. I think he liked it, so this was an overall win.

I started this doodle with someone specific in mind, but it did not go in the direction I was planning, at all. Female instead of male? Oops. I decided to make this one a DK, even going so far as to create Avaera on another server. Leaf tattoos are vertical on the WoW models, but I like them horizontal.

Last but not least, Reggie's warlock, Alsatia, is the Mary Poppins of evil zombie bitches. She wants you to be a good little boy or girl, so she can experiment on you and eventually eat your soul. Don't worry, she'll be sure to do so with a spoonful of sugar.


  1. Umm, that would be Dravir, not Tiforis. >.>

    Other than that, it all looks good! I'm digging Dir and the Nelf DK.

  2. /facepalm

    I knew that, I swear! I was just in a hurry to finish this post before it got shelved for another week and had a brain fart. xD

    Thanks for pointing it out! :)

  3. and thanks for the nice comments too <3