Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[RP] False Alarm Pt. 1

When Ysani didn't come home, Keilos may've freaked out a bit. This segment kicks off the fallout from her adventures with Dir and was written by Kei's player. Thanks, Des!

Author: Keilos

Keilos collapsed into his chair with a weary sigh, his heavy plate armor rattling as he came to rest. Frowning, he glanced down at the ashtray on the table beside him, which was full of stubbed-out butts. He hadn’t smoked in months, and had been forced to go looking for the little metal dish when he finally had fished out the stale-tasting smokes to settle his nerves.

He hadn’t thought anything of it when Ysani hadn’t come home around dinnertime – in his experience, that usually meant she was off with Fenniel or Frail or whatever-his-name-was, working on their engineering project to restore the sight to her blinded eye. As the hours crept later and later, he’d begun to worry. At midnight, he’d jogged down the back stairs of the Legerdemain to the stable and taken Avatre out to have a quick check of the places the Farstriders usually did such work. He checked in Dalaran and in Silvermoon, finding workshops closed and doors locked. With a knot of cold worry beginning to tie itself in his gut, he’d returned to the Legerdemain to wake Tiktok to go out on a quick search. He’d gone back up to their apartment to put his armor on in case he ran into something that might start trouble. As he came through the door, something on the dining room table caught his attention. A fist-sized stone, pale white with an odd sheen to it.
Ysani’s goblin stone…oh please, Light, not again. He turned to his left and saw the other paladin’s sword, neatly set into the rack on the wall, and a cold chill ran through him. Hurriedly, he threw on the rest of his armor, picked up his blade and shield, and dashed down the back stairs, memories of the prior summer filling his mind.

As the bronze drake skimmed quietly over the moonlit landscapes of Northrend, Keilos briefly considered calling out to ask if anyone else had seen Ysani, but opted against that until he had no other option. He knew well enough what sort of red flags the words “I can’t find Ysani” might raise, especially after the hell they’d been through the previous year. So he and Tiktok searched, even as night became dawn and the snow reflected the sunrise back with blinding brightness. At that point, the drake began to grumble about the cold and weariness, so they returned to Dalaran, long enough for Tiktok to get warm and for Keilos to sit and rest for a few minutes. Or rather, that had been the plan.

Kei blinked as he realized he’d been staring dazedly at the ashtray for several long minutes. He glanced over at the cold cup of tea near the ashtray, then directed his attention to the embers of the fire before him. His eyes were becoming unaccountably heavy, and he wasn’t entirely aware of the moment they slid closed, his tired body overriding any ideas the young elf might have had about going back out searching. His body relaxed, chin dropping down towards his breastplate, as the room began to fill with sunlight.

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