Sunday, July 11, 2010

[RP] Vacation! Part 1

After Ysani and Keilos had their talk, Ysani decided she needed a little sun and some room to breathe and recruited the cranky, crabby Hammaryn to be her buddy for a weekend at Booty Bay. Hammy's a bit of a hard sell, so she made sure to call it a "spiritual retreat" meant to "commune with the Light." Yeah. Well, you'll see what happens.

Authors: Ysani & Hammaryn

Now, it wasn't like her to be early, but she was just too excited to sleep for very long. Creeping out of bed before daybreak, Ysani kissed Kei's forehead, wriggled into a pair of tight pants and some sandals, and snatched the bag of weekend supplies she'd packed last night off the couch. She left a note scrawled in her loopy girlish script on the table.
Hitting the beach with Hammaryn. Will be back in a couple days. Love you! -Ysani
Swooping through the Legerdemain lobby, she picked up a paper cup of coffee and headed for the Orgrimmar portal.

Hammaryn stepped lightly onto the deck of Booty Bay as the ship pulled into port. She had worn a full set of ceremonial armor; even though she was on suspension, she felt it was still important to be well dressed. She carried a large rucksack on her back that appeared to be bulging with books. A plate helm shaded her eyes from the sun; her hair underneath was plastered to her head from sweat.

The goblin shipmaster, just to her left, winked at her. "Mornin' Toots."

Hammaryn jumped back a step in surprise. She caught herself, stiffened, then glared at the goblin. "I did not see you down there. Sir."

"Just got here from the Frozen North, huh? I can tell by the way your words are laced with ice." He let out a low chuckle as his eyes wandered up her figure.

Hammaryn's familiar scowl crept over her face. "I have important business. Did you need something?"

"Ohh no no," he grinned. "I can see that you don't need my help at all. Have a nice day."

Hammaryn raised her nose in the air and readjusted the rucksack on her back. She took two steps forward before tripping over a loose plank, her legs going out from beneath her as she fell flat on her face. She tried to break her fall by putting her arms out, and books started to spill out the top of her backpack, hitting her on the head on their way to the ground.

The shipmaster leaned up against the side of the ship and lit a cigarette. "Watch out for the loose boards, Toots."

Ysani was awakened from a light doze by the sound of heavy plate boots stomping across the dock where she was sprawled in a wooden deck chair, enormous sunglasses perched on her pale face. Lifting them up, she squinted out into the morning light to see what kind of beast was headed her way.

"Oh! Hammaryn! Over here!" She waved her arm frantically in Hammaryn's direction, trying to get her attention. As Hammar got closer, Ysani's eyes widened. "Oh Light, you look positively baked in that outfit. We need to fix that, " she called out.

Hammaryn yanked her helm off her head, and beads of sweat dripped off of her hair and forehead onto the boardwalk. She immediately started speaking in Thalassian. "The people here are very rude."

Ysani didn't seem to hear. She started taking stuff from Hammaryn and piled it on the ground by her chair, chattering a mile a minute. "You're all sweaty too, believe me, you'll feel better once all this is off, did you bring a suit? I brought an extra if you need it, and you really should try the iced tea, it's so good and it'll keep you from falling over from dehydration--" She paused to pick her swimsuit (if you could call it that) out of her butt, then continued. "I've got a linen shirt and shorts you can borrow. Let's go up to our room, and you can change while I get you a drink. How much booze do you want in it?" Ysani indicated between her thumb and forefinger. One shot? Two? Her fingers crept apart, and she waited, finally giving Hammaryn a chance to say something.

"I ---" Hammaryn blinked rapidly in surprise. "What?" Her eyes wandered up and down Ysani's scantily-clad frame. "I don't think your outfit is entirely appropriate for a spiritual retreat."

Ysani stopped peeling Hammar's clothes off long enough to look down at herself. She double-checked to make sure the strategic green triangles were covering her critical parts, then looked quizzically up at her friend. "It's perfectly weather-appropriate! And I'm pretty sure that the Light comes to those who are comfortable." She reached back again, wriggling her suit out of her crack. Okay, maybe it was a tiny bit too small for such strenuous armor-removal.

Hammaryn frowned. "Perhaps I should not have come here."

Ysani wasn't having any of that. "Nonsense, you just need to get settled in and we can get started on our meditations. C'mon, let's take this stuff upstairs." The redhead was completely loaded down with Hammaryn's things, hefting them over her bare shoulders as she ducked into the inn, calling back over her shoulder for the stunned elf to 'move her buns'.

Hammaryn let out a loud sigh and picked up her backpack, following Ysani into the inn. The girl would not shut up. She talked the whole way up the stairs and down the hall to their room, where she somehow managed to both produce a key from the tiny bathing suit and fit it into the lock with both of her hands full, then unceremoniously dumped books and armor onto one of the small room's two beds. "There! Finish taking that junk off, I'll get you something to wear before I head down to the bar."

Hammaryn dropped down onto the bed, and slowly started peeling her armor off. It was almost stuck to her from sweat, and she noted that she had actually gotten sunburnt on the spots where her armor plates did not fully meet. She let each piece fall onto the floor as she took it off, likely shaking the roof for the people below her. Ysani pressed a bundle of soft, colorful linen fabric into her arms, completely unabashed by the other girl's state of undress.

"Put these on, I'm going to get you some cheapy sandals and a drink." She held her thumb and forefinger as far apart as they would go and gave Hammar a wink before turning and bounding lightly down the hall, giggling.

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