Wednesday, November 11, 2009

RP: A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 2

A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 2
Authors: Keilos & Ysani

Keilos brought up his other hand, just in case Ysani decided that he was as good a target as any and tried to take a swing with the axe. "What in the Light's name happened? You just went out to get the mail."

It didn't seem that she was listening to him, as she was still glaring daggers at the closed door. With a sigh, Keilos added, "They're not in. They didn't come in last night, so I'd assume they stayed in Dalaran." Slowly, very slowly, he felt the wrist in his hand begin to relax.

Kei glanced at the scored wood of the Grand Master's bedroom door and began to quietly chuckle. "While I approve of your choice of invective - and may I mention that you're gorgeous when you're angry - why don't you show me what's wrong, and we'll see if we can take care of it without knocking the walls down around ourselves."

The snarl in her throat died when she recognized the voice in her ear. Keep talking... please, just keep talking... And he did, the words slowly articulating themselves in her head, clearing the haze, soothing her. She dropped her free hand from the axe handle to her side, leaving the weapon jammed, slightly askew, into the thick plank. As her wrist loosened, so did his grip. She carefully withdrew and turned to him, leaning her forehead on his chest and breathing deeply. "Can't explain. I'll show you... it's outside. I left-" My stuff is out there! My gems, I need those, someone will take them if I don't hurry!

There was no need to rush. The velvet pouch was long gone, the only clearly valuable item in the mess, likely nabbed by a passing street urchin or perhaps just a magister looking for a little spare coin for his unnecessaries. The dented box was still there, however, flat on its side with streaks of elixir creeping up into the paper. It was soggy and silent. Wordlessly, Ysani pointed at it, then stooped to pick up the accompanying note as Keilos bent to examine the makeshift birdcage.

His look of bewilderment was answered with a warm fold of paper pressed into his palm. She stared at what remained of her mail and the soaked, crumbled muffin pieces over all (from a safe distance, mind you) as he read.

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