Thursday, November 12, 2009

RP: A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 3 [PG-13]

A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 3
Authors: Keilos & Ysani

After reading the note, Kei saw red for a moment. I'll kill him. There's a scroll in my pocket, I can get to Dalaran fast enough. I'll kill him. Then, a soft sniff from over his shoulder dissipated his rage and reminded him that there were two here that needed seeing to. Keilos handed the note to Ysani, then knelt and carefully eased the lid away from the box.

A baby tickbird stared up at him, beak wide, panting in fear. One ruined wing flailed uselessly as it attempted to flap, to defend itself.
Oh, Light...the poor little thing. And poor Ysani. Gently, Kei rested a forefinger against the bird's breast, sending a trickle of Light into the hatchling. The bird pecked at his hand, making him wince and pull away. Taking a deep breath, the young paladin drew himself up to his feet and turned to look at the red-haired elf standing behind him.

"All right," he said softly, as though he didn't quite trust his voice at full volume at the moment. "You gather up your mail and take it back to the chapter house...just go straight to the room if you want." He glanced down at the bird, then back to Ysani. "Our little friend here needs medical I'm going to take it to that Tauren druid around the corner and see if she can do anything. I'll be back right after you as soon as the bird's seen to - then we'll discuss things. Will that work for you?"


Fabrio had made himself scarce, and she didn't blame him. Ysani crept into the hall, wincing at the axe sprouting from the dense hardwood of Keltyr's bedroom door. It took a surprising amount of effort to pull it loose. The room she shared with Keilos was cool and dark, and Elphi greeted her with a cautious mew from a safe, distant perch on top of a dresser. "Sorry about the fuss, kitty. It's safe to come down now, if you want." She propped her weapon against the wall and let out a heavy sigh, numb to her toes. She wiggled them. Rage departed, she felt oddly deflated and tired.

Rather than stew, she decided to sit at his desk and look over his drawings. Slowly thumbing through his sketchbook, she found more dragons, a miniature of Elphi. Another sketch of herself, reading with the cat on her lap. A lot of blank pages after that, the paper heavy, rich and naked in its whiteness, and she flipped through them, fanning the air. The leather-bound book fell open on the last page.
...Oh my. He must have done that when I was asleep. ... it's not half bad.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when the door finally opened and Keilos appeared, but it was long enough for the light to change. He paused, eyes widening slightly as he found her perched in his chair in the semi-dark, as nude as his covert illustration. Her mouth turned up at the corner. "I'm tired. Can we wait to talk 'til after...?" Nodding, he scooped her up and kissed her, obliterating all but her last coherent thought of the evening.
Light, this is so much better than burnwine.

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