Friday, November 13, 2009

RP: A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 4

After Keltyr played his dirty trick on Ysani, she and Keilos came up with a plan for revenge involving an extremely foul piece of fungus taken from a type of cave beast incapable of excreting its own waste. Needless to say, it's really, truly disgusting.

A Little Mischief and Petty Revenge Pt. 4
Author: Ysani

Roast chicken, crunchy-sweet coleslaw and pear muffins studded with tart skethyl berries would have been quite enough on their own, but there was an ice-cold watermelon besides, and a nice bottle of wine split between them. It made her sleepy, head swimming as she lay on her back on a blanket under a towering tree, admiring the contrast of shivering leaves against a backdrop of golden sunshine and blue sky. Then Keilos was in her line of vision, obscuring the Eversong sky, dropping a kiss on her berry-stained mouth with his hand on her waist under the baggy shirt she wore. We look like a couple of bums, she thought, and grinned. Picnicking bums. "Careful, we might forget what we're supposed to be doing."

He chuckled, his breath sweet and slightly boozy, and tickled her ribs. She shrieked laughter and squirmed out from under him. "Nooooo, no tickle! We have to pack up, I bet they're gone by now. It's late."

In response, Keilos pulled her into his lap, wrapping his arms around her, lifting her crimson hair off her neck to kiss it softly. She shivered and tugged lightly on his ponytail. "Looks nice tied back. You should do that more. But really... really we've got to get going. And we're bound to get an audience sooner or later. People walk on this path all the time." He reluctantly pulled back after one last peck on her smiling lips and they crammed the leftovers into the basket Fabrio loaned them.

Back at the chapter house, they dropped off their things and went around to the back of the building. Two bulky packages sat beside each other, tightly-sealed boxes wrapped in waterproof bags. They emitted a very faint odor through these two layers, in spite of her thorough seals. She handed one to Keilos and kept one for herself, carrying it by the neck of the bag.

"I'll have to be fast to get done and out of the house before Fabrio notices.. I already cut it up into small chunks. There are a dozen in each.. I could have broken them up smaller, but I started to get lightheaded from the smell." She smiled ruefully, remembering the long twenty minutes spent carving up the disgusting fungus with a long blade, her arm swathed in a thick rubber glove. Nevermind that she'd had to keep a bucket at her feet to vomit in once or twice. This would be worth it.

"Your job will be harder, but you'll have more time to get it done. You know what to do, yes?" He nodded and she flashed him a brilliant grin, pulling a pair of gloves out of her pocket. "These are for you. I'll see you at the rendezvous point." Ysani watched him hearth, her stomach fluttering with nerves.
Good luck, Keilos... we're going to need it.

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