Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day

Today is Wednesday, so let's celebrate its utter lack of awesome with more drawings. I know, you totally didn't see that coming, right? Well shaddap! I can't help it, all right? I like doing this. Don't hate.

Bhe is a rude little orc with a penchant for destruction.

Manettia is actually a hobbit minstrel character. Don't hate on my lute, it hates itself enough already.

The lady who plays Alishe is awesome and I heart her. Her character is awfully cute and I love the way her facial tattoos turned out.

Illithias is a temperamental wench with half of a face. I made her take a bath and put on something nice before I would even think about doodling her.

Vomher requested a doodle, and described himself as a sorta greasy evil thing that I could only equate with a Snape-Edward Cullen lovechild. Turns out that unholy union results in an evil David Bowie in a cardigan. Who knew?

Lansiron is half human, half elf, and has a permanent 1000-mile stare. This is fairly hard to accomplish using MS Paint, but I think he turned out pretty well. By the way, the dude behind Lans is an amazing artist. My doodles look like dog poo in comparison, but he had really nice things to say about them so I made this face: ^_^

This fella here is Pitchblack, a goofy druid who probably carries a pocket-sized book of pick-up lines for the ladies.

I have a few more requests in the queue right now that I'm working on. People are really tickled to see pictures of their characters, and it's nice to see them all happy about it. I think I'm getting better (a little at a time), learning nifty tricks for MS Paint and drawing in general, like how to draw by erasing lines and shaping white space, and how to use gradients of colors to make more subtle designs like stubble, sheen and shadow.

Now if only learning anatomy was easy.

(PS. I made it all the way through this post without making a hump joke, aren't you proud?)


  1. Pick-up lines? What are those? >.>

  2. My favorite is the one lighting the gnome on kinda sense of humor.