Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleepy Saturday Sunday and DeviantArt

Okay, now it's technically Sunday, but I got distracted after uploading all of these freakin' pictures and didn't get a chance to finish labeling them before I was whisked away on an epic journey to the Misty Mountains, where fish-head goblins chased me with big cartoony bombs as I ran screaming in the opposite direction, usually headfirst into a clan of yeti.


Friday night, I realized I have a DeviantArt account. It's a place where anyone can post their various artworks and writings in a personal gallery, and visitors can see all their work in one place, leave comments and follow their favorites. You can visit my page here anytime to see my doodles. There's even some stuff that's not quite PG enough to post in my blog. (Yay boobs?)

In other news, a brand-new pen tablet is on its way. I didn't really expect to move beyond the mouse and MS Paint so soon. I didn't expect to be so prolific either, and I think that having a pen device rather than a mouse will help speed up the drawing process and make it easier on my hand. ("Augh! My hand! I was gonna use that!") Very much looking forward to the delivery man now, I can assure you.

Anyway, I ain't posted since Wednesday and I've been a busy bee. Behold, many new pictures! I hope you like them!

I love how this turned out! Bika looks like she belongs in the cast of Teen Titans, almost. Knowing her she'd be the one to kick Beast Boy's ass on a regular basis (and he'd have a wicked crush on her). I sure miss that show, but what the heck was going on near the end? I just stopped watching. I couldn't get past the creepy stalker Slade who always fucked everything up, especially Robin. What a depressing direction to take the show. It was so badass and cute at the same time, but then they ensured that Robin will need just as much therapy as Bruce Wayne.

Muriam is a mage. She's got a brilliant mind, but undeath was not kind to her. Unstable as they come, she's now the most paranoid character I have ever played. It's unclear whether her theories are amazing breakthroughs in the field of magic, or if she's just giving vent to the voices in her head. Maybe it's a little of both. Her shoulders are hunched to give her the appearance of a sort of creepy, birdlike zombie. She's harmless. I think.

Bullhoof carries a small mirror everywhere he goes so that he can reflect Bika's glower back at her. It annoys her, but she ignores it (mostly because Bull, in spite of his unbearable puns, is still one of the least annoying people she knows).

Feliche once asked Skulley to paint vrykul tattoos all over his arms and torso for his Hallow's End costume. I'd really like to draw that scene sometime, if I get good enough at this drawing stuff! :)

Bellesta has dreadlocks, complex facial markings and a missing ear. I was a bit apprehensive about pulling this one off but I think it turned out great. It's the first one of this style with the heavier black lines and minor suggestions of shadow.

Yva's picture gave me some practice working on eyes. I wanted them to convey just how nutters she really is and I think I did a fair job. I am somewhat biased toward creepy pictures though, I admit.

Moretta's player draws awesome paint sketches too and I love them! Because he kicks ass, I am giving his Death Knight extra-bright colors and a special super-suit complete with skull. Rock on!

Genise is a schmexy librarian type. I really liked drawing her with glasses, but it came out looking a bit modern to me and I questioned whether it suits a game character in a fantasy setting. The player of Genise said she liked it though, so it gets to stay.

GAH! Oh. It's a Tufak. The nosering was hard to draw, both in perspective and suggesting a metallic surface. He also wanted graying hair/fur, so I added gray tones to the colors I used and sections of lighter, grayer hair. He looks fierce. Also stripe-y.

And lastly, we have Takchawee again. I made her nose longer and carved off the bulk of her armor to make her look more feminine. I also fixed her horns and made them curve forward and up, like they are supposed to.

That's all I've got for now. Suggestions and constructive critiques are always appreciated and you'll never hurt my feelings by pointing out where I can do better. That's a promise.

Which one is your favorite?

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