Friday, June 4, 2010

Portraits of Dirty Alliance, Part 1

Loreli is of the arty-type IRL. Her picture turned out kinda cute, I think, but oh god now I can relate on symmetry. I redrew that right tattoo a dozen times and it still looks weird. Bah!

One of my few in-character interactions with Fingold was the time my shaman caught him dancing on a table. He was so embarrassed, and now he always looks that way in my head.
"Oh god, you saw me doing that??"

Takani is usually in kitty form but I have yet to figure out how to draw a druid cat that doesn't look terrible. I had some trouble with the white hair and coloring in this picture. :(

Skulley's been MIA for a while, so she hasn't seen much of Tarquin. He still has a fine ass, I hear.
Also, PLAID LOL. Yeah, that's what that's supposed to be, shut up.

So, in addition to arts, I fail at cupcakes! I haven't made them yet. WILL TODAY BE THE DAY? I have one vote for cherry-almond, and to be honest, that sounds really good right now. Maybe I'll go do that. Or maybe I will draw more pictures and cycle some laundry. Folding is such a pain in the ass. WTB folding minion, will feed cupcakes, PST.

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  1. I liked them before, but they're getting even better....and the cupcake ones are hilarious! Other than that I ain't gettin it, but loving the art. As for symmetry, the program you're using doesn't allow you to copy/paste/mirror image? I do that with Publisher, then you can tweak it with the rotate handle....just a shot in the dark.