Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[RP] Bedtime [PG-13]

Dir talked Ysani into having a drink with him last night, in spite of the fact that he makes her super-uncomfortable. It just goes to show how one choice can lead to a cascading series of other choices, each seemingly worse than the last. I really don't know how this is going to resolve itself. Also, holy crap, it's an RP post. How long has it been? Too long! Enjoy!

Authors: Dir & Ysani

The girl was very drunk. Dir gave a satisfied grin... of course, it was his fault.

He wrapped his arm around Ysani's waist, encouraging her to lean on him as he walked her towards the stairs of the Legerdemain. Drunken compliance had her head lolling against his shoulder, bobbing with every step. Her confessions about Keilos had taken him aback. So had her tolerance for copious amounts of booze.

"The stairs are moving." She slurred heavily with every word, balking at the first step.

Dir laughed, "No, my dear. You are." He pulled her up the step, not showing the slightest exertion at her weight. "Come on. Just about a dozen more."

She mumbled a mild objection but went willingly enough after a few steps, lifting her feet with exaggerated caution. Dir would murmur softly to Ysani, small praises as she tackled the steps. Reaching the landing, he deftly steered her past her room and towards the door of his apartment. "You just a need a little pampering." Dir winked at the swaying Ysani as he opened the door with his free hand.

She didn't seem to notice.

Leading Ysani in before closing the door with his foot, Dir started guiding the wobbling girl over to the stool by the massive four-poster bed. "Here, take a seat." She flopped drunkenly on the stool, leaning back against the bed. Dir moved his hands off her slowly, making sure she wouldn't fall over without his support. "Let's get you more comfortable, hmm?" It was probably a shame Ysani was too drunk to notice his exceptionally wolfish smile.

"S'bedtime?" With her shoulders slumped and her arms hung limp at her sides, she stared at a vague point six inches off the carpet in front of her and somehow managed to keep her balance.

Kneeling in front of the redhead, Dir gently lifted her feet into his lap. "Almost." He smiled as he stroked the fine bones just under the skin of one foot before slipping Ysani's sandal off. For several long moments, Dir gently rubbed her foot, pressing his thumb on the ball of her foot and following the delicate nerve pathways along the arch. His long fingers smoothed over the pale skin along the top of her foot as he said, "Want me to rub the other one?"

"Yuh huh." She attempted to nod and stopped when she nearly fell off her perch, opting instead to use her energies lifting her other foot off the floor.

With a chuckle, he caught Ysani's other foot and placed it in his lap beside its mate. His fingers gently traced along the edges of her sandal, teasing lightly, before easing it off. Dir's large hands encircled her foot, repeating the motions he had lavished on the first one. Ysani sighed. Dir smiled wider. "You know, I give excellent back-rubs too." He let one hand roam a bit higher, squeezing and stroking the muscle of her calf before bringing it back down to her foot before she could object.



"Where's my bed?"

"That is an excellent question, my dear." Ysani wiggled her toes. Dir's hands back in plain sight, he took the hint and went back to pampering her feet. "So, about that back rub." His smile never faltered, soothing with a slightly dangerous edge.

"I wanna lie down." She closed her eyes. "Room's spinny."

"You are full of excellent suggestions." Dir helped Ysani to her feet, supporting her as she swayed against him. "Let's get this heavy leather off of you so you'll be more comfortable."

"But--" Her brow furrowed, and she seemed to be trying to remember something. At some point she forgot she was trying to focus and merely stood, leaning drunkenly against the tall elf.

Dir merely gave a non-committal "hmm?" as he slowly and gently began to loosen the laces along the back of the tight leather top showcasing her cleavage. It had done an excellent job of diverting his attention all night. Giving the laces a harder pull as they came undone, he said, "I can't rub your back with all this leather in the way."

Ysani made a face, but was otherwise cooperative as the laces loosened and her top came free. It was a lot easier to breathe this way, she noted, and sighed. Her breath was redolent of sweet burnwine and chocolate.

Tossing the top aside, Dir was quick to start on the kilt while she was still leaning on him. He sighed heavily at the glimpse of rose-colored silk banding her chest. Of course Ysani would wear underwear. Unlaced, the kilt slid to her ankles. Dir paused, awaiting her protest.

"Where's my jam--" Ysani hiccuped, then tried again. "--jammies."

"Another fantastic question! Here, lay down on the bed. You'll feel better." Dir took a moment to leer at her silk-covered rump. The cherries patterning across her tiny bloomers had him stifling a laugh.

Ysani did, indeed, feel better as soon as she sprawled out on the bed, lightly holding the edge of the mattress with one hand to steady the world.

Dir sat on the stool she had just vacated, pulling off his soft leather boots. "Do you have any idea how much you drank? I must admit, it's impressive. Last time I drank that much, I woke up next to gnomes." He let each boot hit the carpeted floor softly. He elected to keep his gold silk robe on. It highlighted his tan and made his white blonde hair shine just a bit brighter. However, he did take out the clip holding his long, thick hair back and up. When freed, his hair spilled down past his waist. "Look at it this way, you are getting a better deal." He chuckled.

Ysani pressed her face into the thick bedding as the room continued to spin around her. Her voice was thick with booze and muffled against the linens. "I don't wanna drink anymore."

"You can't anyway. You pretty much shut down the bar." He climbed up on the bed next to her, kneeling as his palms rested lightly on her shoulders, pressing just to either side of her spine as he ran his hands down her back slowly to the edge of her cute (cherry-printed) panties.

"Something's poking me." Ysani turned her head to one side, squirming.

Dir raised an eyebrow. Odd, he wasn't touching her quite that fully yet. "Oh really?"

She whined, twisting on the bed and rolling up onto her side. She swiped ineffectively at the bedding. "I don't like it, it hurts."

"Well, this is a first. I still have my clothes on." He grinned wickedly, reluctantly pulling his hands back from her waist. Obligingly, he started patting down the bed where she seemed intent on re-enacting a life or death struggle with the sheets. Finally, with another whine, she gave up and flopped into a ball on her side. Groping about the bedding, Dir suddenly paused and sighed. "Bells... How many times have I told him no rocks in bed?" He pulled out a good sized rock. Ysani immediately reached for it.

"Shiny," she slurred.

"It SCRATCHES the FINISH of my furniture!"

She grabbed it out of his hand and sprawled back out on the bed with it clasped firmly between her fingers, examining it up close with her good eye before curling her hand up under her chin and closing her eyes. "It'sh my friend."

Snorting, Dir retorted, "You'll have to get in line. He's Glitterbell's friend first."

"Can he sleep with me?"

Abandoning all hope for the night, Dir sighed. "Okay. But only if you cuddle with me too."


Assuming she was too drunk to care, Dir pulled his robe over his head. Completely nude, he lay beside Ysani and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her back into his chest. He reached over to pull the tangled bedding over them both before nuzzling her red, sweet-smelling hair.


"Yes, m'dear?" He lazily curled his large body around her smaller one, spooning against her as he yawned sleepily.

"You're nice. Will you be my friend too?" She held her rock tightly, eyes still closed to keep the wavy furniture from making her sick.

"Love, I've always been your friend. I won't let anything happen to you." He gave a low chuckle. "Even if it's me."

A drunken snore was the only response.

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