Saturday, June 5, 2010

Warheads and Mullet-B-Gone

While catching up on Facebook today I discovered that my friend Eric/Gorebash sweats when eating really sour candy. Mild to moderate on the scale of TMI, it reminded me of that time in the 90's when cramming your mouth full of Warheads and puckering your face until it looked like a butt was the most extreme candy-related school activity. (Pop Rocks & Coke shooters were really before my time, I think. Plus, you know, that whole thing where it was a load of crap.)

Anyway, now that I'm done playing "hey, remember that thing that makes me feel old?" here are some more pictures.

After several revisions, my portrait of plaguebringer Uthas is finally complete. Braids AND five o'clock shadow, this drawing is basically like Christmas in 10000 pixels or less.

Renshank had the Coolest. Hair. Ever.

Tarquin got a wee reshaping to remove his mullet, hence the title of this post. FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS ROCK THE MULLET.

Wueten looks like he's contemplating how to fit 10 lbs of explosives into a 1 lb bag.

Redfield wanted to be drawn lighting a gnome on fire.
Wish granted, ya bastard.

Rashona is a fierce Savannah huntress. It is freakin' hard to draw cats, the end.

We will pretend that Grizz has shame. Blush, naked wench.

I like how Ezma turned out. She's like a cute bug. Also a zombie. Cute zombie bug. Yeah.

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