Monday, June 21, 2010

[RP] Bedtime Pt. 2 [PG-13]

I usually divide longer posts up into pieces to make them more palatable, but there didn't seem like any appropriate place to break up this story. At least it's funny, right?

Authors: Dir & Ysani

Uuuuugh. A swath of late-morning sunshine cut across her arm. Light, what a hangover. Her temples throbbed and her stomach felt sloshy and bruised. Her mouth was full of cotton.

Just don't move. Lie still as long as you can, and get the biggest glass of water you can find as soon as you have to get up to potty. Ysani scrunched her eyes shut. At least Keilos had been around to make sure she got into bed. His arm was curled over her waist in the warm, quiet room.

She lay there for several minutes, utterly still and focused on keeping her stomach intact. It didn't help that the room smelled odd. When did Keilos start wearing cologne? Maybe it's an air freshener. Or maybe, she thought, she was imagining it.
Great, I must be coming down with something. Just what I need, a headcold on top of a hangover. Crap!

It wouldn't be long before she had to get up, though, and she sighed.
Screw you, call of nature. Five more minutes. She cracked her good eye open, and froze.

Instead of the soft blue coverlet she expected, an expanse of warm gold-colored silk greeted her eyes. She immediately closed them again and began a largely involuntary mental inventory of the events of last night. Drinking, she could definitely remember drinking. She changed her clothes and went down to the bar to have a drink with --

Oh, CRAP.Her fist tightened and the edges of something dug into her palm. "Ow!"

Dir stirred at her yelp, pulling Ysani tighter to him with a muffled "Mmmm." Her body lay warm against his and he was loathe to so much as stir and risk waking up.

Ysani let out a whimper and tried not to move. At all.
Craaaaap, what do I do? Crapcrapcrap. She opened her hand, carefully. A pretty rock lay on her palm.What the-- She closed her hand again and tried to think, but her need to find the restroom was very quickly outpacing both her ability to reason and her desire not to find out the extent of last night's shenanigans, ever. She whimpered again. It sounded rusty coming out of her dry throat.

Disturbed by her whimpers, Dir rolled over, pinning her stomach-down to the bed. His sleep-slurred voice was gravelly as he asked "Whassa matter, 'sani?" Still not quite awake, he nipped at her earlobe with his even, white teeth.

Oh, Light... no no no "Get off, I gotta pee--!" Ysani frantically wriggled out from under Dir's body, her face a brilliant scarlet, and made for the edge of the bed. It was no small feat, she thought; Dir's bed was positively enormous. His arms were around her and pulling her back to his warm (naked???) body before she got more than a few inches away, and she wailed. "Nooo, I mean it, I have to go now."

With a reluctant groan, he let her go. As she scrambled away, he snuggled deeper into the pillows. "Hurry up. I have some pressing issues of my own to address." The smile Dir shot her was positively dirty.

Ysani shut the door behind her and turned the lock, using her private time to decide what to do. The bathroom appeared to be free of windows large enough for her to escape; not only that, she had no clothes handy but the fruit-covered underwear she liked so much and would be so embarrassed to be seen wearing in public. Not that it mattered whether they had cherries, or monkeys, or the day of the week printed across the ass... there was no way that plan would work. She scrapped it. Rubbing her forehead, she leaned against the sink, then ran some water and washed her face and rinsed her mouth.
I wonder how long I can stall in here. Maybe he'll leave.

A sharp knock at the door made her jump, and she muffled a shriek behind her hand, scrambling to find a towel to cover herself.

"Hurry up. You aren't the only one who needs to go. Besides..." Dir's voice dropped even lower. "I have plans."

Ysani squeaked and unlocked the door, pressing her back to the wall to let him in, waiting to make a break for it. At least his towels were fairly large. Soft, too.
I need some towels like this for my bathroom. The sound of the heavy lock clicking back into place jolted her out of her towel-inspired reverie. She meeped and pulled the towel more tightly around herself.

Dir casually leaned back against the now-locked door, his smile friendly and at ease but his eyes full of pure devilment. He was naked as the day he was born. "Good morning. Sleep well?"

"H-hi," she said, a little too loudly. "I'm fine, it's fine. I slept fine." She kept her eyes bolted to his face and shifted one small step toward the door before realizing that he was blocking her exit.

"Mmmm, have fun last night?" His eyes lit up with even more mischief, if that was possible.

"I DON'T KNOW." Ysani attempted to calm herself down with a deep breath. "I don't know, do you?"

"That is an excellent question." Dir pushed off from the door, one muscled arm snaking around Ysani's towel-covered waist as he herded her towards the huge marble tub on the other end of the bathroom. "Light, you smell like week-old booze."

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING." Ysani's headache was not getting any better, and every time she raised her voice it rattled inside her skull like a handful of jagged glass. "I don't think this is a good idea."

Putting on his most soothing smile, Dir reached out to activate the rune-inscribed tap and started steaming water flowing. "It's just a bath. Believe me, you need it."

"You didn't answer me." Ysani frowned and clutched the towel around herself. "What happened? I mean, did we--" She went an alarming shade of crimson that almost matched her hair.

"You are incredibly intelligent. Nothing gets by you." Dir inspected her grip on the towel, as if plotting how to get it off her. "You drooled in your hair, you know. Let's wash it and get it out."

Ysani reached up and pulled a hank of long, sleep-tousled hair in front of her face, inspecting it. There was, indeed, a clump of dried saliva in it. "Ugh..."

With lightening speed, Dir gave her towel a hard pull. Before Ysani could react, she was left only in her cute printed underwear. She crossed her arms over her chest with a gasp. "Now, about that bath... it looks very warm and inviting." Grabbing a bottle off the edge, Dir upended a good portion of it into the water. "Look, bubbles." Mounds of snowy bubbles begin to form and fill the surface of the tub.

Her eyes were enormous as she stared at the steamy water and suds with her forearms tightly crossed over her bra. Ah, a hot bath. Her one weakness. The appeal of the bath, and especially the cover of a thick layer of suds, was undeniable. Making a flash decision (and probably a poor one, she reflected later), she stepped in and sat down in one quick motion, stomach flopping at the speed of her movements, and sank up to her neck in bubbles. Her head felt light, almost like her poor booze-addled brain was trying to swim.
Light, I think I'm still drunk.

Dir's laughter echoed in the tiled room as Ysani dived into the bath, underwear and all. Amused, he stepped into the bath, lowering himself in the water at a more leisurely pace. Ysani pulled her knees up to her chest and stared. As he sank into the hot water chest-deep, a happy sigh escaped him. Lounging against the marble wall of the huge tub, Dir stretched out his legs and motioned Ysani closer with a wink.

"Y-you didn't say you'd be getting in too," Ysani mumbled, horrified. "I should go home, Kei is probably worried sick." Just the thought of what Keilos would think of this situation made her feel green about the gills.

"Why else would I have a tub this big?" Dir stretched. "And I'm sure Mr. Control Freak is fine. Turn around so I can wash your hair."

Ysani whimpered. The deep red ends of her hair floated on the surface of the water, and she watched them, glad for a distraction.
Light, I hope Keilos thinks I just stayed at the chapter house or something. I don't know how I'll talk my way out of this.

His most charming smile plastered across his face, Dir had to hold back the urge to laugh. This exercise in seeing how far she would let him go before saying no was turning out to be quite the adventure. One word would end it all but she just seemed completely incapable of letting it slip past her lips. Maybe, Dir reflected, a part of her didn't want to say no. Dir grabbed Ysani's shoulders and whirled her around to wash her hair before she saw exactly how lascivious his grin had become. At this rate, she'd be a grandmother to their grandchildren before she'd even so much as stammered out an "Excuse me but I've been thinking..." To keep her distracted he dumped a couple handfuls of water over her head, wetting her matted hair thoroughly.

Hey!" Ysani, startled by Dir's manhandling and sudden dunking, immediately shot to her feet. Water poured off of her in sheets and her hair was plastered in unflattering hunks to her cheeks and neck. It didn't occur to her that her silk underthings would be sheer when wet, nor did she care, and it only took a moment to step out of the tub, grab a towel and make a break for the bathroom door. "I'msorrybutIhavetogohome! Kei is probably waiting for me!"

The echo of Dir's laugh followed her. He shrugged and leaned back in the bath, grinning from ear to ear as Ysani finally made a break for it. She scurried nicely, wet underwear sticking enticingly to her shapely ass. He'd be daydreaming about that for a while.

Her clothes were still heaped next to the bed. She could only groan as she tried not to think about how they got there, swiping her dripping hair with the positively luxurious towel (
Light, these are so nice, I need to ask where he got these) and giving herself the most cursory patting-down to dry off before stepping back into her clothes. Wet skin and leather didn't appear to mix very well. Her skirt got stuck halfway up and she hopped around, trying to force them up over her thighs. They wouldn't budge, and she yanked harder. "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon," she muttered to herself, then tripped over the shirt that was still puddled on the floor. WHUMP.

Dir winced at the loud crash that echoed through his apartment. "Are you okay?" Concern laced his voice as he climbed out of the bath. He grabbed one of of his huge, fluffy towels and wrapped it around his waist as he headed into his bedroom.

Ysani lay stunned on the floor, several yards of fine purple leather bunched and twisted around her legs. Her butt pointed straight up to the ceiling and she groaned face-first into the carpet. "I don't f-feel so good."

"Hey, c'mere." Dir grabbed her discarded towel before turning her over and helping her sit up, her legs still tangled in the kilt. "I promise no funny stuff." His smile was amused but gentle as he started towel drying Ysani's soaked hair.

She sat on the carpet, docile as she held her stomach. It was not happy with her, and now her shoulder hurt, too. She sniffed. "Dir?"

"Hmmm?" He continued to run the towel through Ysani's blood-red locks, taking extra care to scratch her scalp with his fingertips.

"This is really weird." She waited for her stomach to settle a bit, then lifted her arm to examine her elbow. There was a tiny patch of rugburn on it, but it didn't look as bad as it felt.

Ignoring that he was dripping on the carpet as well, Dir rubbed the towel through the ends of Ysani's hair one last time before starting to dry her shoulders and back. "Why is that, my dear?"

"You mean besides the part where you're naked and I'm all wet?" Ysani winced as he rubbed over her shoulder. That, she was pretty sure, would have a fine bruise come tomorrow.

Dir chuckled. "I'll admit I've been having some fun with you, love. I promise, it's not as bad as it seems."

"Isn't that like saying Dorri's not as angry as she seems?"

"Well... that's Dorri for you." He started drying along her arms. "See what happened here? You fell over and I picked you up and took care of you? It's a running theme from last night." Dir dropped a small kiss on the top of Ysani's head. "I swear nothing happened."

Ysani sniffed and appeared to be mulling over this new piece of information. Really, though, she was mostly trying to control her belly, which was threatening to revolt on her. The feeling passed, and she decided it was a good idea not to make any more sudden movements for a while. "Okay." She paused. "I think I might be in trouble."

With a wince, Dir drawled "Oooooh. Keilos. Hmmm." He dropped the towel over her shoulders and leaned back on his hands. "You know, you didn't seem too happy with him last night."

Ysani's long face got longer, her small chin drooping to her chest. "I dunno. When it's good it's really good, I just don't feel like I can be myself unless it's just the two of us together, and nobody else. It's different when there are other people around. Maybe I should just talk to him about it instead of trying to change the way I am."

"There is nothing wrong with the way you are." Dir gave Ysani a friendly nudge with his arm. "So, yes. Talk to him about it. If he can't accept you as you come... well, I know at least one guy who does." He gave the redhead an exaggerated wink and leer.

Ysani winced. "Um... that's very kind of you to say? You know what, this is still really weird. Can you hand me my shirt?"

Smirking at her discomfort, Dir leaned over to snag the discarded leather top. "Want some help lacing it?"

"... Yeah, sure. My arm kinda hurts anyway." She pulled it over her head. As it turned out, it was a lot easier when one was mostly dry and not yanking on it.

Surprisingly deft, Dir relaced the hand-crafted leather top and pulled on the laces. Tightened just right, it pushed her breasts up until they nearly spilled from the neckline. He tied it off with a flourish, admiring his handiwork. Ysani groaned. "I think I'm gonna--" She clapped her hands over her mouth mid-sentence and made an awkward attempt to get up and lurch to the bathroom. Her skirt didn't follow.

"Oops." Dir winced as he watched her silk-clad bottom bob in the air in her mad scramble for the bathroom. The noises that came out of there were far from attractive. He raised his voice to be heard over the sounds of gagging floating from the bathroom. "I guess this means you don't want breakfast?"

Ysani's voice echoed from the other room. "Uuuugh."
I never want to eat again. Or drink, for that matter. After a few moments she emerged from the bathroom, mouth rinsed and teeth vigorously finger-scrubbed, wobbling slightly on her feet.

Still wrapped only in a towel, Dir greeted her with her skirt flung over one arm. "Here, put this on." Handing it off to her, he grabbed the gold robe he'd worn the night before from it's puddle on the floor and pulled it over his head. "Let me walk you home." The towel dropped to his feet and he kicked it free. He didn't seem to care that his long, unbound hair was soaking the fine silk.

Skirt tied, Ysani took a deep breath and scanned the room for anything she might've left behind.
It'll be really awkward if I have to come back here asking for my stuff. "So... what do you think I should tell Keilos?"

"How about the truth? You drank too much and crashed with a friend." Dir paused a second. "If he doesn't believe you or kicks up a fuss, that will tell you all you need to know." His grin turned playful. "Of course, I'm looking forward to comforting you should he do such a fool thing."

Ysani looked up at Dir. "You know, every time I start to open my mouth to say thank you for the good advice, you hit on me. I'll never get to say it at this rate."

"I didn't get this reputation by being lazy! I have to keep up appearances. Let's go." He swung a heavy arm around her shoulders, pulling her into his chest in a friendly semi-hug and half-guided, half-pulled the much smaller woman to the door.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bikadoodles & the Wacom Tablet

I don't have much of anything to say, let alone anything witty, but I do have more doodles. Content is content, amirite? Anyway, I got my Wacom pen tablet in the mail yesterday and it's pretty tough getting the hang of using a pen instead of a mouse. I think my fingers have become stupid since I started typing and using the mouse for everything. My handwriting sucks - the text recognition software translated "I am awesome" to "fourteen alimentary dildos" or something like that. DON'T WORRY, I WILL GET BETTER.

At Reggie's request, here is Tessere, the saucy urchin who made such a name for herself at Fenn & Libby's wedding by loudly encouraging Fenn to be sure to "GO DOWNTOWN", complete with lewd gestures.

Cows are still hard to draw, but I did like how Kirfkin's nose turned out. It's annoying that tauren doodles tend to take 3-4 times longer to draw than your average human or elf, and twice as long as trolls. (Really though, I shouldn't complain. I can draw tons of pictures in a day, they're just little speedbumps.)

Jamarra requested a doodle of her undead warrior with Fawnah, the moo-cow lady of drunkenness. She said she cried tears of laughter when she saw this... I think that's a good thing, right?

I hereby dub these Bikadoodles. Like snickerdoodles, only they're fun little treats for your eyes. So quit licking the monitor already.

I drew almost all of this portrait using my new pen tablet, yay. :) It's harder than I thought it would be, but like anything else it seems to get better with practice. This is Ysani. There are a ton of things I like about this picture; the subtle shading of her good eye, the shadows in her hair and, most of all, how her right ear just looks right in relation to the position of her head. Victory!

Cemeteries told me he had a "prosthetic jaw". Well, I immediately though of a big scary metal beast that bolted right to his head. The way the glowing eye and shiny metal turned out made me real happy, so I rewarded myself by drawing a little skull on the eyepatch. I love those little guys! xD

I did not make this cute little clay Bika. Labrae offered to make it for me in exchange for a doodle, and I was like "HELL YES". I can be bribed, oh yes.

This is the doodle I made for her! Labrae is pretty silly for a zombie. She loves her grape juice box and her purple pigtails, and so do I.

Anyway, that's all I have at the moment. Tomorrow, there will be a ridiculous RP post, a sequel to Tuesday's awesome shenanigans. See you then!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

[RP] Bedtime [PG-13]

Dir talked Ysani into having a drink with him last night, in spite of the fact that he makes her super-uncomfortable. It just goes to show how one choice can lead to a cascading series of other choices, each seemingly worse than the last. I really don't know how this is going to resolve itself. Also, holy crap, it's an RP post. How long has it been? Too long! Enjoy!

Authors: Dir & Ysani

The girl was very drunk. Dir gave a satisfied grin... of course, it was his fault.

He wrapped his arm around Ysani's waist, encouraging her to lean on him as he walked her towards the stairs of the Legerdemain. Drunken compliance had her head lolling against his shoulder, bobbing with every step. Her confessions about Keilos had taken him aback. So had her tolerance for copious amounts of booze.

"The stairs are moving." She slurred heavily with every word, balking at the first step.

Dir laughed, "No, my dear. You are." He pulled her up the step, not showing the slightest exertion at her weight. "Come on. Just about a dozen more."

She mumbled a mild objection but went willingly enough after a few steps, lifting her feet with exaggerated caution. Dir would murmur softly to Ysani, small praises as she tackled the steps. Reaching the landing, he deftly steered her past her room and towards the door of his apartment. "You just a need a little pampering." Dir winked at the swaying Ysani as he opened the door with his free hand.

She didn't seem to notice.

Leading Ysani in before closing the door with his foot, Dir started guiding the wobbling girl over to the stool by the massive four-poster bed. "Here, take a seat." She flopped drunkenly on the stool, leaning back against the bed. Dir moved his hands off her slowly, making sure she wouldn't fall over without his support. "Let's get you more comfortable, hmm?" It was probably a shame Ysani was too drunk to notice his exceptionally wolfish smile.

"S'bedtime?" With her shoulders slumped and her arms hung limp at her sides, she stared at a vague point six inches off the carpet in front of her and somehow managed to keep her balance.

Kneeling in front of the redhead, Dir gently lifted her feet into his lap. "Almost." He smiled as he stroked the fine bones just under the skin of one foot before slipping Ysani's sandal off. For several long moments, Dir gently rubbed her foot, pressing his thumb on the ball of her foot and following the delicate nerve pathways along the arch. His long fingers smoothed over the pale skin along the top of her foot as he said, "Want me to rub the other one?"

"Yuh huh." She attempted to nod and stopped when she nearly fell off her perch, opting instead to use her energies lifting her other foot off the floor.

With a chuckle, he caught Ysani's other foot and placed it in his lap beside its mate. His fingers gently traced along the edges of her sandal, teasing lightly, before easing it off. Dir's large hands encircled her foot, repeating the motions he had lavished on the first one. Ysani sighed. Dir smiled wider. "You know, I give excellent back-rubs too." He let one hand roam a bit higher, squeezing and stroking the muscle of her calf before bringing it back down to her foot before she could object.



"Where's my bed?"

"That is an excellent question, my dear." Ysani wiggled her toes. Dir's hands back in plain sight, he took the hint and went back to pampering her feet. "So, about that back rub." His smile never faltered, soothing with a slightly dangerous edge.

"I wanna lie down." She closed her eyes. "Room's spinny."

"You are full of excellent suggestions." Dir helped Ysani to her feet, supporting her as she swayed against him. "Let's get this heavy leather off of you so you'll be more comfortable."

"But--" Her brow furrowed, and she seemed to be trying to remember something. At some point she forgot she was trying to focus and merely stood, leaning drunkenly against the tall elf.

Dir merely gave a non-committal "hmm?" as he slowly and gently began to loosen the laces along the back of the tight leather top showcasing her cleavage. It had done an excellent job of diverting his attention all night. Giving the laces a harder pull as they came undone, he said, "I can't rub your back with all this leather in the way."

Ysani made a face, but was otherwise cooperative as the laces loosened and her top came free. It was a lot easier to breathe this way, she noted, and sighed. Her breath was redolent of sweet burnwine and chocolate.

Tossing the top aside, Dir was quick to start on the kilt while she was still leaning on him. He sighed heavily at the glimpse of rose-colored silk banding her chest. Of course Ysani would wear underwear. Unlaced, the kilt slid to her ankles. Dir paused, awaiting her protest.

"Where's my jam--" Ysani hiccuped, then tried again. "--jammies."

"Another fantastic question! Here, lay down on the bed. You'll feel better." Dir took a moment to leer at her silk-covered rump. The cherries patterning across her tiny bloomers had him stifling a laugh.

Ysani did, indeed, feel better as soon as she sprawled out on the bed, lightly holding the edge of the mattress with one hand to steady the world.

Dir sat on the stool she had just vacated, pulling off his soft leather boots. "Do you have any idea how much you drank? I must admit, it's impressive. Last time I drank that much, I woke up next to gnomes." He let each boot hit the carpeted floor softly. He elected to keep his gold silk robe on. It highlighted his tan and made his white blonde hair shine just a bit brighter. However, he did take out the clip holding his long, thick hair back and up. When freed, his hair spilled down past his waist. "Look at it this way, you are getting a better deal." He chuckled.

Ysani pressed her face into the thick bedding as the room continued to spin around her. Her voice was thick with booze and muffled against the linens. "I don't wanna drink anymore."

"You can't anyway. You pretty much shut down the bar." He climbed up on the bed next to her, kneeling as his palms rested lightly on her shoulders, pressing just to either side of her spine as he ran his hands down her back slowly to the edge of her cute (cherry-printed) panties.

"Something's poking me." Ysani turned her head to one side, squirming.

Dir raised an eyebrow. Odd, he wasn't touching her quite that fully yet. "Oh really?"

She whined, twisting on the bed and rolling up onto her side. She swiped ineffectively at the bedding. "I don't like it, it hurts."

"Well, this is a first. I still have my clothes on." He grinned wickedly, reluctantly pulling his hands back from her waist. Obligingly, he started patting down the bed where she seemed intent on re-enacting a life or death struggle with the sheets. Finally, with another whine, she gave up and flopped into a ball on her side. Groping about the bedding, Dir suddenly paused and sighed. "Bells... How many times have I told him no rocks in bed?" He pulled out a good sized rock. Ysani immediately reached for it.

"Shiny," she slurred.

"It SCRATCHES the FINISH of my furniture!"

She grabbed it out of his hand and sprawled back out on the bed with it clasped firmly between her fingers, examining it up close with her good eye before curling her hand up under her chin and closing her eyes. "It'sh my friend."

Snorting, Dir retorted, "You'll have to get in line. He's Glitterbell's friend first."

"Can he sleep with me?"

Abandoning all hope for the night, Dir sighed. "Okay. But only if you cuddle with me too."


Assuming she was too drunk to care, Dir pulled his robe over his head. Completely nude, he lay beside Ysani and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her back into his chest. He reached over to pull the tangled bedding over them both before nuzzling her red, sweet-smelling hair.


"Yes, m'dear?" He lazily curled his large body around her smaller one, spooning against her as he yawned sleepily.

"You're nice. Will you be my friend too?" She held her rock tightly, eyes still closed to keep the wavy furniture from making her sick.

"Love, I've always been your friend. I won't let anything happen to you." He gave a low chuckle. "Even if it's me."

A drunken snore was the only response.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleepy Saturday Sunday and DeviantArt

Okay, now it's technically Sunday, but I got distracted after uploading all of these freakin' pictures and didn't get a chance to finish labeling them before I was whisked away on an epic journey to the Misty Mountains, where fish-head goblins chased me with big cartoony bombs as I ran screaming in the opposite direction, usually headfirst into a clan of yeti.


Friday night, I realized I have a DeviantArt account. It's a place where anyone can post their various artworks and writings in a personal gallery, and visitors can see all their work in one place, leave comments and follow their favorites. You can visit my page here anytime to see my doodles. There's even some stuff that's not quite PG enough to post in my blog. (Yay boobs?)

In other news, a brand-new pen tablet is on its way. I didn't really expect to move beyond the mouse and MS Paint so soon. I didn't expect to be so prolific either, and I think that having a pen device rather than a mouse will help speed up the drawing process and make it easier on my hand. ("Augh! My hand! I was gonna use that!") Very much looking forward to the delivery man now, I can assure you.

Anyway, I ain't posted since Wednesday and I've been a busy bee. Behold, many new pictures! I hope you like them!

I love how this turned out! Bika looks like she belongs in the cast of Teen Titans, almost. Knowing her she'd be the one to kick Beast Boy's ass on a regular basis (and he'd have a wicked crush on her). I sure miss that show, but what the heck was going on near the end? I just stopped watching. I couldn't get past the creepy stalker Slade who always fucked everything up, especially Robin. What a depressing direction to take the show. It was so badass and cute at the same time, but then they ensured that Robin will need just as much therapy as Bruce Wayne.

Muriam is a mage. She's got a brilliant mind, but undeath was not kind to her. Unstable as they come, she's now the most paranoid character I have ever played. It's unclear whether her theories are amazing breakthroughs in the field of magic, or if she's just giving vent to the voices in her head. Maybe it's a little of both. Her shoulders are hunched to give her the appearance of a sort of creepy, birdlike zombie. She's harmless. I think.

Bullhoof carries a small mirror everywhere he goes so that he can reflect Bika's glower back at her. It annoys her, but she ignores it (mostly because Bull, in spite of his unbearable puns, is still one of the least annoying people she knows).

Feliche once asked Skulley to paint vrykul tattoos all over his arms and torso for his Hallow's End costume. I'd really like to draw that scene sometime, if I get good enough at this drawing stuff! :)

Bellesta has dreadlocks, complex facial markings and a missing ear. I was a bit apprehensive about pulling this one off but I think it turned out great. It's the first one of this style with the heavier black lines and minor suggestions of shadow.

Yva's picture gave me some practice working on eyes. I wanted them to convey just how nutters she really is and I think I did a fair job. I am somewhat biased toward creepy pictures though, I admit.

Moretta's player draws awesome paint sketches too and I love them! Because he kicks ass, I am giving his Death Knight extra-bright colors and a special super-suit complete with skull. Rock on!

Genise is a schmexy librarian type. I really liked drawing her with glasses, but it came out looking a bit modern to me and I questioned whether it suits a game character in a fantasy setting. The player of Genise said she liked it though, so it gets to stay.

GAH! Oh. It's a Tufak. The nosering was hard to draw, both in perspective and suggesting a metallic surface. He also wanted graying hair/fur, so I added gray tones to the colors I used and sections of lighter, grayer hair. He looks fierce. Also stripe-y.

And lastly, we have Takchawee again. I made her nose longer and carved off the bulk of her armor to make her look more feminine. I also fixed her horns and made them curve forward and up, like they are supposed to.

That's all I've got for now. Suggestions and constructive critiques are always appreciated and you'll never hurt my feelings by pointing out where I can do better. That's a promise.

Which one is your favorite?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hump Day

Today is Wednesday, so let's celebrate its utter lack of awesome with more drawings. I know, you totally didn't see that coming, right? Well shaddap! I can't help it, all right? I like doing this. Don't hate.

Bhe is a rude little orc with a penchant for destruction.

Manettia is actually a hobbit minstrel character. Don't hate on my lute, it hates itself enough already.

The lady who plays Alishe is awesome and I heart her. Her character is awfully cute and I love the way her facial tattoos turned out.

Illithias is a temperamental wench with half of a face. I made her take a bath and put on something nice before I would even think about doodling her.

Vomher requested a doodle, and described himself as a sorta greasy evil thing that I could only equate with a Snape-Edward Cullen lovechild. Turns out that unholy union results in an evil David Bowie in a cardigan. Who knew?

Lansiron is half human, half elf, and has a permanent 1000-mile stare. This is fairly hard to accomplish using MS Paint, but I think he turned out pretty well. By the way, the dude behind Lans is an amazing artist. My doodles look like dog poo in comparison, but he had really nice things to say about them so I made this face: ^_^

This fella here is Pitchblack, a goofy druid who probably carries a pocket-sized book of pick-up lines for the ladies.

I have a few more requests in the queue right now that I'm working on. People are really tickled to see pictures of their characters, and it's nice to see them all happy about it. I think I'm getting better (a little at a time), learning nifty tricks for MS Paint and drawing in general, like how to draw by erasing lines and shaping white space, and how to use gradients of colors to make more subtle designs like stubble, sheen and shadow.

Now if only learning anatomy was easy.

(PS. I made it all the way through this post without making a hump joke, aren't you proud?)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Warheads and Mullet-B-Gone

While catching up on Facebook today I discovered that my friend Eric/Gorebash sweats when eating really sour candy. Mild to moderate on the scale of TMI, it reminded me of that time in the 90's when cramming your mouth full of Warheads and puckering your face until it looked like a butt was the most extreme candy-related school activity. (Pop Rocks & Coke shooters were really before my time, I think. Plus, you know, that whole thing where it was a load of crap.)

Anyway, now that I'm done playing "hey, remember that thing that makes me feel old?" here are some more pictures.

After several revisions, my portrait of plaguebringer Uthas is finally complete. Braids AND five o'clock shadow, this drawing is basically like Christmas in 10000 pixels or less.

Renshank had the Coolest. Hair. Ever.

Tarquin got a wee reshaping to remove his mullet, hence the title of this post. FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS ROCK THE MULLET.

Wueten looks like he's contemplating how to fit 10 lbs of explosives into a 1 lb bag.

Redfield wanted to be drawn lighting a gnome on fire.
Wish granted, ya bastard.

Rashona is a fierce Savannah huntress. It is freakin' hard to draw cats, the end.

We will pretend that Grizz has shame. Blush, naked wench.

I like how Ezma turned out. She's like a cute bug. Also a zombie. Cute zombie bug. Yeah.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Portraits of Dirty Alliance, Part 1

Loreli is of the arty-type IRL. Her picture turned out kinda cute, I think, but oh god now I can relate on symmetry. I redrew that right tattoo a dozen times and it still looks weird. Bah!

One of my few in-character interactions with Fingold was the time my shaman caught him dancing on a table. He was so embarrassed, and now he always looks that way in my head.
"Oh god, you saw me doing that??"

Takani is usually in kitty form but I have yet to figure out how to draw a druid cat that doesn't look terrible. I had some trouble with the white hair and coloring in this picture. :(

Skulley's been MIA for a while, so she hasn't seen much of Tarquin. He still has a fine ass, I hear.
Also, PLAID LOL. Yeah, that's what that's supposed to be, shut up.

So, in addition to arts, I fail at cupcakes! I haven't made them yet. WILL TODAY BE THE DAY? I have one vote for cherry-almond, and to be honest, that sounds really good right now. Maybe I'll go do that. Or maybe I will draw more pictures and cycle some laundry. Folding is such a pain in the ass. WTB folding minion, will feed cupcakes, PST.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thiyenn and a Cupcake Fight

Thiyenn is painfully shy and I'm not sure if she ever really smiles.

Ethan wanted a picture too.

Tom Galvadore actually turned out rather dapper, I think.

Cupcake Fight!
Bika vs. Jarderk, Bika wins.

Lazy summer Thursdays are good for drawing and bad for cleaning house. I'm going to go do some chores, but first, I declare every Thursday to be Cupcake Thursday, and will be making some after I get some work done. What kind should I make? Pumpkin? Vanilla? Chocolate, Red Velvet, gingerbread, cherry-almond, pineapple with coconut cream. Cream cheese frosting or chocolate buttercream. So many choices.

What's your favorite cupcake?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mmm, cupcake

Just a wee post today, because I wanted to draw a cupcake and ended up with some extra stuff.

Astrani looks like she's getting a bit chunky.

It wouldn't surprise me.

Exhibit A.

Mmm, shadow cupcake.

I want a shirt like this.